Hiding in the Light

Our personality style is an often unattended and misunderstood part of our psyche, even though it has a huge impact on how we live our lives. Dr Smith-Hanen in her treatise on Avoidant Personality Disorder sheds light on one of the personality styles and explains with poignancy the effect is has on the lives of people. The book is written so that the average person, as well as therapist will benefit from the content. It is well written, understandable and free of jargon. Armen S.

Sandra Smith Hanen’s new book, Hiding In The Light, is an invaluable guide to understanding and working with people with avoidant personality disorders. She provides a comprehensive explanation of the avoidant strategies employed by them and offers expert practical advice for addressing the often intractable issues of engaging with and helping them. This book represents a must read for mental health practitioners working with avoidant clients and their partners and family members as they struggle with issues of commitment, problem solving and intimacy. Michael O.

Thank you, Dr. Smith-Hanen, for helping me better understand my relationship with my sibling. As a lay reader, Dr. Smith-Hanen’s simple sentences, supported by examples, made Avoidant Personality Disorder (AVP) come into focus. In this book, I found insights that addressed the confusion and frustration I have experienced for years in this relationship. My confidence has grown and I anticipate a future with less turbulence. Dr. Smith-Hanen’s fine insights have altered my perspective forever. Louise M.